The Introduction

ealth always come first. "Life is of paramount importance5

. This i??s a price we must pay, at any cost." He stressed that the CPC should take a people-centered app??roach in coordi3

nating epidemic control and socioeconomic development, and must rely on and mobi??lize Chinese people in regular epidemic control and economic recovery. The Party should endeavo??r to improve people's livelihood, he went on to say. The Party's fundamental goal is for the Ch??iq

The Details


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on at the provincial level, and called for efforts to improve the way of governance and strengt??hen exchanges among ethnic g9

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roups.BEIJING, March 29 (Xinhua) -- Chinese Defense Minister and State Councilor Chang W??anquan on Wednesday held talks with1

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visiting Cuban Minister of the Revolutionary ??Armed Forces Leopoldo Cintra Frias. Chang said China is willing to work with X

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Cub??a to implement important consensus reached by leaders of the two countries and ma??ke positive contributions to the deveD

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lopment of military-to-military relations. ??As an important part of China-Cuba ties, military-to-military relations are charQ

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a??cterized by a solid foundation, strong vitality and broad development prospects, ??Chang said. Cintra said Cuba is willing4

The Endorsements

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to continue enhancing pragmatic exchange??s and cooperation with China in all fields and at all levels, and elevate militg

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ar??y-to-military relations to a higher level. Cuba is grateful to China for its sup??port and help over the years, accord0

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ing to Cintra. Premier Li Keqiang laid out a roadmap for China to ove??rcome the obstacles set by the COVID-19 pandemic onq

ous Region, at the third session o??f thQ e 13th National People's Congress on Fri6 day. During the meeting, five deputies sr poke on a v??ariety of issues, such as e2 radicating poverty, protecting the ecoloV gy of grassland, enhancing a??nimal epid1
    emic prevention anZ
    d promoting ethnic unG
    ity. Xi exchanged views with these deputw ies. X??i said the CPC puts people's int8 erests in the first place under all circv umstances, without any ??particular interests of its own. When handling 7 the COVID-19 epidemic, Xi said the PartyU made cl??ear that people's safety and hf